Thursday, August 7, 2014

First published game on Google Play Store


My first published game is finally on the Google Play Store and its name is "Coins Coins HD".

The idea is very simple and with a retro spirit gameplay, you know the old good games when the only reason you played was to get the highest score, nothing else mattered, you never needed a deep and complex story nor long tutorials you just had to press start and instantly had all the fun you needed.

Just tilt your device from left to right and right to left to start moving the game's hero (his name's Vob by the way) and catch all the coin you can while trying to avoid some deadly asteroids.
It will definitively test your reflexes (and your device's sensor) with the smooth movement, so Vob will accurate move depending on the inclination of your device.

It also has some achievements to unlock and a leaderboard for you to check the scores on the Google Play Services.

The graphics are pre-rendered in HD quality, so devices with HD screen resolutions will have no problem to run it. Although the game should be able to run in no-HD devices I'm planning to release a Lite version with lower graphic resolutions.

This version is ad-supported since Google Wallet doesn't support my country ("thank you" Google), but :| ) but I'm also planning to release it ad-free on the Amazon Appstore for a very affordable price.

Well here's the link so you can give it a try:

The ad-free version is now available on the Amazon Appstore:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Secant Method - App

My first app ever developed for Android.
This app will help you to determine the root of a simple function, this is very useful for Numerical Analysis.
The recognition of simple functions (i.e. F(x)=x3+2x2+10x-20=0) is working pretty well so the next step will be add support for more complex syntax.

For now is only on the Play Store, but I'll also publish it on Amazon soon.

Feedback will be appreciated.


Monday, July 21, 2014

It's development time!

I've been trying to publish some apps since a long time ago, but between the college, the college job and my current job I was not being able to take some time for my personal projects.
But finally here I am with my shinny Android developer account ready to publish some apps and games made entirely by myself.

About me... I'm a full-time developer with a lot of experience developing with Visual Studio and C#, also I have many games written in GameMaker (my second favorite IDE). So I'm kind of newbie with Android, but I'm starting to like it very much. And I am also a graphics designer enthusiast (I love "playing" with Photoshop, Blender and Bryce 3D).

So for beginning I guess this is it. I hope my future apps and games can get a place in your favorite digital library.